#3267606, By RichGL I'm being threatened with the sack over GTA

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    gang_of_bitches wrote:
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    kalel wrote:

    If I got caught stealing a pack of Smarties from work, I would expect to be fired. The issue is not the value of what I stole or the level of damage done, the issue is that I stole.

    How massive or how little the damage caused by what he did is irrelevant! The issue is that he is a dishonest employee who deserves to be fired!!

    He didn't steal though! FFS.

    He was told by management he couldn't buy it, so he tricked/convinced a floor peon to sell it to him. That's dishonest. Kalel's mention of theft was merely for comparative purposes.

    We were talking about an example just then, rather than the specific case.

    I already agreed that you (everyone else :) are right regarding if he was clear about what the consequences would be.

    So you agree now that you are up to speed with the story that he's not in a good place tribunal wise?


    I've enjoyed the discussion though thanks :)
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