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    President Weasel wrote:
    RichGL wrote:
    President Weasel wrote:
    RichGL are you being deliberately obtuse?

    His actions, which he knew to be wrong and he knew could have potential consequences for the company, have indeed had consequences for the company.
    Whether that's the director of sales having to make a grovelling phone call to Take 2 promising it won't happen again, or whether they do indeed stand to lose large amounts of money through not getting future Take 2 releases is not the point.
    The point is he did a thing which he knew to be wrong, and now he's getting in trouble for it. The point it it's reached executive level and executives are annoyed.

    "it's just a game FFS" is not the point. It's not just a game, it's the company breaching an agreement with the publisher.

    "he wasn't on work time" is not the point, the point is he used his position as an employee to lie to another employee and because of this his company broke the street date and got in trouble.

    You don't think street dates are important (FFS)? Well publishers think they are.
    I'm afraid if you sent an email to Take 2's corporate office to tell them that "it's just a game FFS and a guy I knew once headbutted another guy and my company's lawyers said it was too much trouble to sack him FFS and they are really expensive and dead good laywers FFS" they'd throw it in the bin as being the obvious work of a complete idiot.


    See my previous posts you haven't read yet thanks!

    I've read far more of your posts than I should have, you bumbled round and round never coming within half a mile of the point, and I refuse to read any more of them. FFS.

    Ha ha!

    Ok to save you the effort I already admitted I was wrong.

    So shove that up your arse you conceited prick!
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