#4842909, By dgamlin Enemy Territory:Quake Wars

  • dgamlin 8 Jun 2009 01:26:31 24 posts
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    I've had this game a while, played it a little, and have now gone back to it. The graphics look great, smooth. The intro music and vid are impressive. The vehicles are great (especially Strogg's) but I find them a little tricky to control, especially the aircraft - but that can be a good thing to ensure vehicles don't dominate - I just need more practice (and skill).... which I can do because the game configuratrion option allows a mix of players and bots for all the (large) maps (which I think should be available in all similar games as standard). The main problem is the infantry movement speed - god it's fast. I have trouble hitting anything! I'm not too great at the running and gunning and I'm a bit scared to go online - I know I'm gonna get thrashed. And you can play with all the kits too: e.g. build an artillery gun then use it to call in strikes after marking targets. The gun itself must be defended too. Hours of fun!
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