#3276549, By Xephon1970 SCEE's PlayStation Day 2008

  • Xephon1970 5 May 2008 23:19:51 28 posts
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    What with it being PlayStation Day tomorrow and all, I was wondering what you guys were hoping will come out of it? Some concrete release dates? Some new announcements? A reason why we get PSN games so much later then everyone else?

    I'm hoping for some news on games we might not have heard of yet (slim chance); some dates regarding Home, LBP, Killzone 2; when we'll get some more decent PSone games on the PSN (Bishi Bashi notwithstanding).

    And hopefully no grandstanding and chest beating at how "many" consoles have been sold. Because we how well arrogance goes down with the internet.

    Some rumours have a playable Resistance 2 and maybe a video of the new Prince of Persia at the show.

    Let's just hope no animals get hurt during the course of the day...
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