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    El_MUERkO wrote:

    in grid if you make a mistake you may bump another car and dent a panel, the fragility of the cars and the extreme speed of F1 doesn't allow you that without making it unrealistic, a lack of realism will be a huge turn off to fans of the sport while at the same time actual realism would make for incredibly frustrated players

    This is why damage options exist.

    In the same way that some people (myself included) will want 50 or 100% race distances with fuel loads, realistic performance levels, driver aid-free and tyre wear, there's plenty of room for people who want to start 20th and win in three laps.

    F1 is special in that people of all gaming levels will want to play without having the option to choose a different series.

    But I must go, I have a practice session to watch. :)
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