#3292634, By Mashum Fox News in the UK?

  • Mashum 12 May 2008 09:59:15 154 posts
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    Retroid wrote:
    I presume one of the O'Reilly clips you'll have watched was his 'interview' with the son of one of the WTC victims who was against hte war in Iraq?

    That was fucking disgusting and made me want to go over there and punch O'Reilly many times in the mouth (edit: I'm all angry again now just thinking about it).

    In the UK there are no governing laws other than slander/libel AFAIK. There's the UK's Press Complaint commission.

    ...and the BBC's guidelines. Although since the Hutton debacle and the BBC's resultant beating I think they have been very poor at taking the government to task. Nowadays the beeb just seems to report the PR, it doesn't really delve into issues in any detail. It's the beginning of the end I tell ye.
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