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    cianchristopher wrote:
    Yeah, that's certainly a possibility Bremenacht.

    Y'know, this all goes back to Gears of War for Windows. In case anyone doesn't remember, there was a bug in the game that made it impossible to play after January 2009. Then, to add insult to injury, the GfWL update that "fixed" the problem had a clash with an ASUS update program for the mobo.

    What happened to my PC back then was a fucking nightmare, as the BIOS got completely screwed up! Took ages to resolve it, and I had many rage-filled tantrums.

    Ever since then (Jan 2009), I've had issues with the PC. Fucking GfWL and Epic, those bastards. Now that is the very definition of a shitty console port!

    I threw the Gears of War disc in the bin, btw! Piece of Shit!

    Check for bad capacitors on your motherboard as well:

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