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    Lutz wrote:
    Day: so once you've selected the difficulty you can't change it?

    (Meaning you need to finish it at least 3 times? Silver, Gold, Platin, and start Niob?)

    Na, dont think you can change it once you started, could be wrong though... the 'continue' just drops you back at the last activated resurrection monoilith at the original chosen difficulity, cant see anything else in the menus... it may be different for online coop though!?

    One annoying thing for the offline coop is that when we finish a game session and restart, the second players quest completed is set back to 0. For achievement collectors it makes getting the % quest completed a little tricky for the second player. The second player joins the firsts game and it doesnt contribute to their own game progress.... if you know what I mean, sort of....
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