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    O PES 2009 recebeu 97 % na sua primeira análise:

    I saw Level magazine; which is a reliable mag (personally); they have huge review of the game, 8-9 pages. They elaborated game modes, played lots of matches and wrote a review (not a preview) of press copy. They were extremely pleased about the game. The review score is %97; they do not think that they will change their mind on score, when they get the final release. Editor of mag is the reliable guy; who has been my main source since PES 2. He told me that he has been totally satisfied about gameplay, graphics, animations etc. His motto in his email to me was (something like) Return of the King. In a while; mag had reviewed PES 2008 with a score 6.7 or 7.0 out of 10. As they expressed all the cons of PES 2008 have been trimmed out; and finally we got the beauty of PES. They mentioned about improved ball physics, AI, slowed down game speed, flexible animations. They called PES 2008 as a pinball soccer and 2009 as a real one.
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