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    Onny wrote:
    Hughes. wrote:
    Can we get back to this tea-potting idea? I think this is really neat and would like to hear more.

    I mean, sticking my balls in someone's mouth and then calling THEM a faggot is kind of a delicious irony that is quite likely to distract people from their game as they try to understand why the dippee is supposed to be more fagotty than the Dipper. Psychological warfare, if you will.
    Apparently, it's not gay if you're the giver.

    I dont even know who started the whole gayness of it and ridiculing the giver or receivers sexuality.

    The fact is, owned player on the deck cant do diddly-squat as you ease ur balls down into your victims mush. Its a fuckin game, who gives a shit about the gay factor, its the fuckin ownage that counts! :-)
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