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    Hey Swiss, you seen like a cool dude. I was just being creative with my comments as peeps do on here...or so i beleive.

    Wasnt being personal, although it may sound so.

    I played the demo of he club then got the game. Since then i have been playing it online and dont have much time for the actual game and its storylines etc. Not saying its bad or anything. I just prefer it online against actual people who can think lol. So i aint got any scores really on the clubs main game. I might try it sometime but at the min, theres alot of people still interested in the online multiplayer and to say i have COD: modern warfare, resistance, GTA, DMC4, Kane & Lynch, Oblivion & Sega Rally i am absolutely hooked on the club!
    Its good, clean, simple and fun so i dont think il be challenging myself to even learn the controls for COD just yet.

    Swiss, you have guns 4 real? Dude, thats cool! I dont care what peeps say! I wanna go to a joint where i can try shooting for real like targets and stuff.
    So, what guns you have then dude? Have you a RPG? haha!
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