#263548, By RedWarrior Live invite irritants (with apologies to Qsheep)

  • RedWarrior 1 Apr 2004 22:45:55 57 posts
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    Live is really working for me at the moment. And simultaneously, it's really irking me!

    Housemate and I got both our Xboxes working online at once, finally, and started messing about with SC:pT. Got a couple of people in the game and were having fun - and then I got a few invites from people (Qsheep included) ... and have no way of indicating the circumstances beyond a blanket REFUSE INVITE.

    Somehow this seems incredibly impolite - it's not that you don't want to play necessarily, there's half a dozen things could be going on. But your sole vocabulary is ACCEPT or REFUSE!

    Does this get to anyone else, or is it just me (again)? Anyone know if this is likely to change with the fabled "Tsunami" update?
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