#3322289, By CerealKey How many EG users do you think have more than one account?

  • CerealKey 21 May 2008 10:59:09 2,860 posts
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    Bill Door wrote:
    ilmaestro wrote:
    Ciaran wrote:
    Bill Door wrote:
    I was wondering earlier which sock account has the highest post count. Actually sock account might be a misnomer, call it "2nd account". I'm guessing Cereal_Key?

    Cereal_Key? o_O
    Whose sock is he then?

    I really can't keep track of these things any more. :(
    He was sam_spade. Interestingly, his Cereal_Key account appears to no longer exist.

    I wasn't going to do the unmasking!

    It's not really a sock, it's just a different login. I decided to change my name, then I changed it back. Now it just depends what computer I'm using at the time. So, I'm more CerealKey than sam_spade.

    I've had a few socks, although I've forgotten them all, so they are consigned to the EG Cemetary - ready for the EG Zombie Wars!!!
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