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    Sean.Aaron wrote:
    neonemesis wrote:His hurricane kick (don't even ask me to spell the proper name) is multi-hit while Ryu's isn't

    Ryu's sure looks multi-hit to me in TvC...now that you mention it I do seem to recall a change between the two in Hyper Fighting or whatever, but it's been so many decades since I played that, that I've forgotten.

    Ken is still no big loss though; I'd rather have Speed Racer in the game than that loser.

    The thing is, Ryu DOES have multi-hit specials in the Vs series purely because all the characters have crazy, souped-up versions of their attacks. Ken would probably play almost identical in Tatsunoko Vs Capcom but play a regular Street Fighter game and the differences are more noticeable. Ken is more offensive.
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