#3749594, By Sorbicol Babylon 5 (WOW!)

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    Having re watched it last year I thought that B5 still stood up as a great series (especially season 3 and Londo's descent into the Narn Genocide) but it hadn't aged all that well. Season 5 was shit because JMS had written it as a 5 season series. I think it was Warners who told him they wouldn't fund a 5th season at the start of filming the 4th season, so he had to cram 2 seasons worth of plot into that 4th season This is why the Shadow / Vorlon war ends so abruptly. The sci-Fi season picked it up again and he pretty much had to write the 5th season from scratch, hence is was so crap!

    BSG pisses all over B5 though. It's better acted and better realised.
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