#3379638, By poxymoron What's with play.com?

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    macksed wrote:
    oldschoolsoviet wrote:
    Personally, Play have gone to the dogs in the past 6 months. Really slow delivery (2-3 days to a week at best), their site doesn't work on the PS3 browser (won't allow login because it believes cookies are blocked), and the recent redesign has left my lil' PSP struggling to cope.

    I used to like them, but they're not worth the hassle anymore.
    use a computer???
    but yeah, they've definitely gotten much slower and it puts me off... but if they're cheaper and I'm in no rush I don't see why not to use them...

    I've found shopto.net much cheaper than play.com the last few times I have bought any games. For example, NG2 is only 32.99 at shopto, whereas play are selling it for 39.99.
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