#3365560, By reality_cheque Invisibility, Invulnerabilty, Flight, Eternal Youth, Time Distortion or Psychic Influence?

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    ProfessorLesser wrote:
    I also like to think I'd be able to control bubbles of time. Like, if I was suddenly feeling particularly misanthropic towards Milton Keynes (which is quite likely), I could speed up time x1000 just there, and everyone would mysteriously age overnight and die.
    Except that in that (say 12 hour) period, they would get 500 days worth of time. And the factories would produce 1000 times the goods, and the chavs 1000 times the little rugrats.

    You need a timeshift factor of at least 1 billion, and a sterilising agent in the water to stop more people being born.
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