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    afghan_jones wrote:
    this was inspired a bit by the super powers thread.

    Film about a bloke who is immortal but doesnt know why or how.

    He keeps a diary, trying to figure it all out.

    The film basically skips through points in his life, narrated by the diary. He lives through history into the far future, searching for answers.

    He doesnt influence world politics or anything, its more about his relationships with his various wives, kids, friends etc, trying to understand his immortality which is his blessing and his curse. We learn about his life and the fleeting nature of happiness. (spending 60 years with one of his wives passes like a second when he has lived for so long.)

    At the end of the film the sun explodes, destroying the earth utterly. By this point he has been the last man on earth for many thousands of years, living an almost caveman like existence. He welcomes the explosion.

    But the final shot after the earth and all other planets are detroyed is of him, naked, floating through space, still alive, totally alone.

    There's an independent film called The Man From Earth that takes that idea.
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