#3377435, By Doddz3h Possible New PES leagues and ladders

  • Doddz3h 5 Jun 2008 09:16:14 7 posts
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    Thanks for your feedback everyone
    I'd be in for a more structured tournament. Our group tournament failed misserably, though TBF a few people realy came through, like Wonk.

    My initial idea is to have many leagues/ladders of few people so we keep it close and it'll help you get to know other players better since you wil be in a small group, then after so long there would be a group shuffle or just promotions / demotions to get some uniformity in the differrent groups. I'm open to other ideas as we still on the drawing board atm.

    As a web developer for the last 10 years 100 sounds cheap to me... although I haven't really looked at what they are offering. It doesn't sounds pricey for a yearly cost if the website is produces is any good. Very cheap, in fact.

    True it is cheap in them terms but you are getting for what you pay for in that sense too.
    - its not customized to what you want
    - its not a one off developing fee 100 pound per year per league/ladder we are only paying to use it
    - you need to pay an extra 50 to remove the adverts per league/ladder per year

    so there is no chance for us to put our own ads on to claim back our own running costs and it makes expansion a expensive venture. Plus its a 100 i wouldn't like to be out of pocket if it were to flop.

    Since you have had a lot of experience in web developing, would making a PHP and MySQL driven site be the best road to follow for this site in your view?

    Also anyone interested in the Wii PES leagues and ladders?
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