#10452355, By BTBAM EG's best moggie. KNEEL BEFORE MOG. My house smells of cat piss.

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    @jablonski yeah, I understand that. It really hurt me so much when I had to put one of my cats down last year. Think about her all the time. One of the girls in my class had her cat get ran over on the evening before the last day of term, and she had got me a present of cat toys and everything because I show my class videos of my cat doing tricks and she knew. When I was talking to her I started to well up and it shocked me and her because she stopped crying and just stared at me. I can identify so strongly with the pain still. I can't imagine what it must be like to find your cat after being run over :(

    It's not just the unconditional love you have put in but also your perception of how strong your ability (or your confidence in) managing loss that is stopping you from doing it again I guess. I have thought about it like that because I knew that cat was always going to be a sick one but I still fell in love with her. I think I'd do it again to be honest, just knowing how much it softens me as a person to be in the company of my cats and to spend time with them and other beasts.
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