#3385316, By ImOnBB If you're reading this, a EG forum member is in Big Brother UK!! :D

  • ImOnBB 7 Jun 2008 15:21:57 4 posts
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    Dear All,

    I am the sister of a forum member who is currently residing within the Big Brother UK house.

    He asked me, once big brother had started, to post this short note from him.

    "Hey All!

    If your reading this then (a) my sister did something right for a change by finding out how to post on here (sorry sis!) and (b) im on Big Brother :D.

    After watching it for years (and hating it ironically), I decided to apply for it. I got accepted (which I didnt expect at all), and in just a few days I shall be entering the house! I managed to sneak this message out to my sister just in time, the last few weeks and been pretty mad!

    Now, I won't be revealing my identity however, I will give you a few hints;

    - I have been a poster on Eurogamer for years
    - My Username is under 100k
    - I have over 750 posts (but I wont tell you how much over)

    Once, I'm out, I'll reveal all OR if I stay in long enough, my sis has a few tricks up her sleeve here.

    Please do not ask her who I am, she will not tell you and I'll only get annoyed that my sister is getting some grief!

    I'm gonna miss all the fanboy banter and can't wait for the Super Smash Bros. score (which needs to be a 10/10 Eurogamer or you really do hate the Wii :D). I'm also a bit gutted I may not be playing metal gear for a while but hey, it will be waiting for me once I get out!

    I'll say hi to the EG forumites in the diary room often, so hopefully it will be eventually broadcasted!

    I hope I don't come out looking too much of an arse and look forward to reading the forum when I get out.

    Lots of love and kisses

    'Mr. X' "
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