#3512104, By ImOnBB If you're reading this, a EG forum member is in Big Brother UK!! :D

  • ImOnBB 11 Jul 2008 17:48:26 4 posts
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    Hello All!

    Its me again, and I have a message from inside the Big Bro house. Well, its not from inside the house, my Bro asked me to post this message if he lasts five weeks and he has lasted five weeks today (and no, he isn't Mario/Becca so will be in the house after tonight)! I've been reading the thread and LOL'd at some of the comments, its hilarious! My facebook has been CRAZY since he went in and its soooo strange watching someone you know inside the house!

    Anyway, on to the message....

    "Hi All,

    If your reading this I've managed to last FIVE GODDAMN WEEKS in the Big Brother house! I was worried I'd be kicked out early but have managed to survive somehow!
    I hope your enjoying the show as much as I am (hopefully) enjoying it and I do hope I've not come across like an arse (damn channel 4 editing if I have! ;) ). I hope C4 have shown the games discussions I plan to have in the house (and Rauper, I promise to mention EG, I just hope they show it on the box!).

    Anyway, have you guessed (i) who I am on EG and (ii) who I am in the house?

    If not, here are some more clues! To recap;

    - I have been a poster on Eurogamer for years
    - My Username is under 100k
    - I have over 750 posts (but I wont tell you how much over)

    And heres three more clues!

    - My username is UNDER 5k
    - I have had MORE than 20k posts
    - I have been banned on EG at least ONCE during my time here

    If you can't get it after that, shame on you all!

    Think thats about it, just remember to keep practising Smash Bros. as I'm so gonna kick everyones arse when I'm outta here! (esp. one EGer in particular!)

    Loves and kisses

    'Mr. X'"
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