#3717407, By ImOnBB If you're reading this, a EG forum member is in Big Brother UK!! :D

  • ImOnBB 3 Sep 2008 18:36:42 4 posts
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    Hi All,

    First of all THANK YOU! so much for the kind messages I've received and also the cheeky facebook ones (you know who you are!) which I know have come from this forum and thanks for keeping it a secret.

    I've got to be quick, I'm in a internet cafe and havn't got long as I have an interview with Heat magazine soon and a girly holiday to Ibiza which is also be covered by a well known newspaper (how cool is THAT!)! I also have a short message from my bro Mo who is currently stashed away in a London hotel! He said; "Hi all, did anyone of you all get it? I was of course Mohamed! I'm sure from the 'Hamleys' comment in my voxpox vid you would have got it. Anyway, did you get who I was on the forum? I'm your lovable RPGLord who will post a long forum thread about it soon. It was a blast and its mad being out of the house, talk with you all soon".

    That message may be a bit wrong, he just told me to say that! (so sorry Mo after you read this!).

    Think thats about it, again thanks for all the kind remarks, I'm printing out this thread to give to Mo so he can have a read on his travels!

    BTW; Someone from Channel4 will be calling a guy called Rupert on this site? So Rupert if your here, stand by your phone!

    All the best,

    Mo & Sis
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