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    I'd say what you are finding is pretty standard for living with a new person. It takes a while to get used to each other's quirks about things but after a while you both start to compromise (without even realising it).

    You also do begin to realise that somethings you do in a house aren't as good as the way she does things and likewise the other way round. You will argue over it a bit but it gets easier.

    I totally know where you are coming from with the family thing. My missus was/is very close to her family but after living with me for a long time (about four years) the relationship with her family isn't the same. It helped that we moved very far away from them, but she began to realise that the support she was used to getting from her family, she could now get from me.

    That dependence on her family bugged me for a long time, to the point where I question the relationship lasting but now that phase has passed we are 100 times stronger. Her relationship with her family isn't as good as it was but it really is to her benefit.

    If you really like her, stick with it and discuss the problems of living together. The family thing may take a while and will cause arguments but hopefully soon it will reduce and she will be a lot closer to you as a result.
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