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    I'm the biggest hand-wringing liberal out there, and always inclined to empathise with people whose lifestyles may be less comfortable than my own, and whose childhoods were probably all kinds of awful that I can't begin to comprehend. I've had my car broken into, stuff nicked from my house, been pickpocketed etc. and I've always tried to understand the motivation of what drives the thief or vandal, and feel sorry for them, rather than get mad and fantasize about violent retribution.

    But - this clip is fucking hilarious, whichever way you look at it. It's like a modern day re-imagining of that mythical story of Newton and the apple. A practical demonstration of gravity. A lesson in cause and effect. A warning about not considering the likely consequences of your actions. They should play it on BBC1 every thirty minutes. All day. Every day.

    There's something supremely satisfying in the instant karma dished out to this vandal. Marvel that every now and again an uncaring universe seems to serve its own punishment on people who actually deserve it, ie criminally minded delinquents whose pea-brained idea of 'having a laugh' usual involves a total lack of consideration for other people's property or feelings.

    It's just very, very hard to sympathise in any way with this kid. His act of mindless violence has rebounded him on in a cruelly amusing fashion, and now his painful lesson has been plastered all over the internet for an uncaring world to laugh at, much in the same way he was trying to laugh at it in the first place. Maybe, in sending this link to our mates and sneering at the 'chav scum' we're performing an act that isn't dissimilar, metaphorically, from him kicking in that wall. Then again, he's a dunderheaded fucktard, and most of us probably wouldn't attempt to destroy something in this way just for shits and giggles.

    I guess, in the back of our minds, we're picturing all the other acts of thoughtless vandalism and violence committed by people like the kid in this video which go unpunished by inanimate objects (ie the police - sorry, couldn't resist). And maybe that's why that just for once we're cheering on the good guy. In this case, the wall. Because real life ain't usually like that.

    Like Alex the droog in A Clockwork Orange, maybe the only 'cure' for this kind of behaviour is the maturity that comes with age. Even then, that's no guarantee. In this kid's case, I guess the process of learning the folly of one's actions has merely been accelerated. By a wall. He won't be kicking down many more. At least not with that leg.
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