#3400529, By Vinicity Excellent homebrew game: Negative Space

  • Vinicity 12 Jun 2008 11:17:24 242 posts
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    Anyone tried it? I downloaded it the other day and it really is an excellent (but short) puzzle game.

    The concept is simple: Every level is a stark black and white landscape. Two blobs, one white and one black must be guided to a white and a black flag respectively. You switch between the two blobs with the L/R buttons, and when you are in control of the white blob you can draw black on the screen and vice versa.

    The twist (which really takes some effort to get your head around) is that the white blob can move in the black areas and everything white is solid, and for the black blob it is the other way around. This leads to some fiendish, but clever puzzles.

    Unfortunately, there are not that many levels, and I would also like the ability to save one's progress, and perhaps a level editor. I am definitely hoping for a sequel...

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