#3404433, By Sorbicol Wedding Reception costs: how do you keep them down?

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    My missus and I are in total warfare with our parents at the moment with the people we want there v the people they "Think should be there" (the old, deaf & incontinent relatives I probably haven't seen since I was born). We've limited it to 80 people for the reception and 150 people for the evening do, we've found making this a hard and fast limit the best way to keep the costs down.
    Who's paying the bulk of the costs? And who's day is it, yours or theirs?

    The bulk is being split between my fiancee and I, and her Dad with my parents making a "significant" contribution, so it's sort of a 3 way split.

    However as had been said before, it's our wedding not my parents (or hers) and it's mostly my Mum being a pain. Still think we've got most of it sort now. The church and venue are booked (one good thing is that the venue has a limit of 150 people anyway, so I can refuse my Mum's requests without feeling too bad.... "They can come if others can't") and as the Wedding is in Newcastle and I come from Somerset, we've promised to have a party in Somerset for all the elderly relatives who can't make it all the way to Newcastle after the event. I figure any of my Mum's randoms can come to that instead if they really want to.

    The cake is going to be an M&S job, and we're probably going to ask a mate of mine to do the photos (We're paying, and he did the photos at my other friends wedding and did a good job too) so that's more savings. We're not doing favors or anything like that (Stupid idea imo) and we've limited Bridesmaids / Ushers to two each (plus my best man) so it's not too bad. Pissed off a lot of my mates though!

    I reckon we'll just about keep it under 10k provide my Missus doesn't get too foolish with the 2500 designer wedding dress she's fallen in love with :(
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