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    Cappy wrote:
    I would love to know the ins and outs of the deals Microsoft has struck, going on Namco's own figures more than 80% of the sales for the Tales series are accounted for by just Japan. There must have been some pretty good incentive to lose such a big chunk of sales for Tales of Vesperia.

    They actually said 87%. You need to take into account all the installments that didn't even make it to the west, though. Also, the most successful game of the series, Tales of Symphonia, sold most copies outside of Japan (most of them on GC, the PS2 did better in Japan). With that in mind it's not strange at all to have a title on the console that is most successful in the West.

    In Japan, the 360 has 4 RPGs in the software top ten for the platform. Blue Dragon sold more than any PS3 RPG to date and Lost Odyssey is only beaten by Valkyria. The RPG market in Japan is neither here nor there.

    So, I'm not sure Microsoft had to pay for Vesperia, it's possible, but it could just be an attempt at the bigger markets. It could also be like with SO4 where the producer said something along the lines of "when we started developing, the 360 was the only console available", a headstart paying off?
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