#3430686, By Sorbicol Boom blox a bust at retail

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    blizeH wrote:
    It is sad when games like Okami, Boom Blox and Zack and Wiki bomb at retail though - they're easily amongst the best games on Wii and the developers have probably made a heavy loss on each one. I have no idea what the answer is really, people are just stupid, innit.

    Then again, even on a forum like this it's no different, GTA gets tens of thousands of posts and all of these games only get a few hundred.

    I think the vast majority of people who bought the Wii probably aren't that fussed with the quality of the gaming, or how "serious" they are. For example I know that Okami, Zack & Wiki etc are good but I;m not intending to buy because that's not what I bought the Wii for - I bought it so I can play games with my mates when they come round.

    When Star Wars: Force Unleashed is released, then you'll see a 3rd party game make a lot of money ;) Who doesn't want to swing a Wiimote around pretending it's a lightsabre? :)
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