#4511050, By wonk Okami goes on for too long (possible spoilers)

  • wonk 16 Mar 2009 16:23:09 367 posts
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    For my money I really liked the final northern section and didn't feel the game dragged on, in fact I really didn't want it to end. I agree that it could have been shortened a bit but I would have chopped some of the first part that was a bit slow moving for my taste and I think that the first 5 hours pacing is what turns a fair few people off.

    @Sean: This breaks my heart, I just can't agree about your comments about the combat. I accept your point about the basic attack being mapped to shaking the remote (it doesn't bother me as it is sensitive enough to only require a small movement) but as you learn the various celestial brush techniques and acquire the advanced weapons it quickly becomes a thoroughly entertaining battle system, far better than other "adventure" games I have played recently including BG&E and TP. Obviously the combat system is not the key element in a game like this, that is the story, and it is for this that you should persist, it really is wonderful.
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