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    OK chaps, read through the thread, some serious burger action going on here!

    My tip for a stall burger is Boom Burger (no connection to the one Razz mentioned) on Leather Lane in Farringdon, only there at lunch time, but they are damn good burgers. The quality can vary a bit but when they are good they are great, and for less than a fiver good value for round there.

    I do try my own burgers at home, but still not found the magic recipe. Lately I have been pressing the meat well with a hunk of Reblochon or Brie in the middle, frying on a griddle pan. Seasoned with S+P, paprika and dash of scotch bonnet sauce. I normally use about 250g of mince per burger, wanting to go less but then the cheese doesn't stay in the middle and oozes out too quickly.

    Definitely like the idea of getting a grinder and making my own mince, but we do have a very good local butcher.

    I do have a question for you burger bods though. I'm having a BBQ next weekend (please stay dry) and wanting to make burgers for everyone. Ill be smoking a couple of briskets, and doing ribs as well, but never had the best of luck doing burgers on a BBQ.

    Anyone got any good tips for the best burgers on a BBQ?

    I notice wobbly likes to pack his burgers very loosely but I tend to go well pressed, will definitely try some loose ones (ditching the cheese in the middle) but I assume they would fall apart on a BBQ.
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