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    I went to Meat Liquor again the other Friday night and it was superb, had the dead hippie, and was out of this world good, not greasy like the time before (I've definitely not had a try burger there) and the service was great despite it being 1am and really really fucking loud in there. Lovely chargrilled but pink inside flavour.
    The sharing portions are generous, you seem to get a lot of buffalo wings for a fiver and they are really tasty. I don't think you can get too much chilli on chilli-cheese fries, but that's just me :) Loved the fried pickles.

    I think a lot of the whole burger debate basically comes down to what sort of meat patty you like, I like thin, crisp on the edge and rare, whereas some people like the meatloaf style, two-three inch thick patty like GBK does (I can't actually stand GBK, I think their burgers are bland and the fries disgusting). If you like GBK but hate Byron you'll probably not like meat liquor.
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