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    Razz wrote:
    simplerotation wrote:
    If you like GBK but hate Byron you'll probably not like meat liquor.
    I love Meat Liqour. I prefer GBK to Byron simply becuase of the variety and price. I find Byron's burgers bland and the meat quality similar to GBK. For the price it doesn't seem worth it. Byron is more expensive than Meat Liquor! :D

    Found an AMAZING new burger place called Haché in Clapham common
    Easily as good as Meat Liqour in terms of burger quality but a little more expensive. I had the Reblochan cheese burger! Was gorgeous!!! And the bun was made with Brioche! :o :o So tasty, reccommend it to all.

    Oooh Hache sounds good, I'll try it out.

    I really don't know if I've had bag experiences or if it's GBK. The meat always tastes like a frozen iceland burger, and the chips are definitely just frozen chips, they're all powdery and weird inside. They do a good milkshake though! :)

    I'm going to the new bar opening at hawksmoor next week (50% off food FTW!) now the Hawksmoor have a serious burger. MMMMM. The kimchi burger is fantastic. Kimchi Cult also do a fantastic korean/fusion burger if you're ever around the kings cross area at lunch time and go to eat.st


    Kimchi cult
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