#3499971, By Sorbicol Most bestest AI in a game, evah?

  • Sorbicol 9 Jul 2008 07:50:49 591 posts
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    Veracity wrote:
    Haven't played GalCiv, so I'm glad someone brought it up. Obviously can't say from experience, but it's reputedly among the best at solid human-ish behaviour.

    It's much better than the one Sid Meier uses for Civilisation that's for sure. The diplomacy is excellent as well, it's AI that understands the subtles of the game.

    The other thing it does is not cheat - at the hard levels, the AI plays the game too the rules and gets no more advantage against you than you do against it. Whenever I play it at this level I get well beaten very quickly!

    It's the closest I've come to playing another human. Mind you it's not perfect and has a very irritating habit of not surrendering even when you bring overwhelming force against it! The weaker nations also have a very irritating habit of surrendering to you when they are getting beaten, which sounds nice until you see what it does to your economy!
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