#3495350, By Svalbaard £500m bill for Xbox ‘red ring of death’. OUCH

  • Svalbaard 8 Jul 2008 10:15:12 12 posts
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    I'm pretty sure I read an interview a while back when the first Xbox was still a live product where MS stated quite categorically that project Xbox was always going to be a loss leader for quite a while; although I'm not sure even they realised that the loss would be so great.

    The other concern is that unlike some other companies, MS do not seem to learn from their mistakes and don't seem to listen to customer feedback. Will be interesting to see if that changes now that Ballmer is at the helm... although not that interesting as he does come over as a bit of a tw*t.

    That said though, the 360 is still a great platform and I have had no problem with mine which is now about 2 years old. Still a little disappointed with the finished quality of the PS3 lineup but I feel that will change as soon as Team ICO reveal their latest PS3 project as ICO itself and SOTC were amazing.
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