#3836548, By DamoVotf Civ IV: Colonization

  • DamoVotf 5 Oct 2008 16:39:39 1,299 posts
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    I was a die hard fan of the original, but this new game is very unbalanced.

    Am I blind but is gone:
    - Custom House (automated sales of goods to Europe).
    - Training Veteran Soldiers (I have 150 Free Colonist Dragoons which get raped by the Royal Expeditionary force).
    - Intervention from the foreign power after independence. Seems I can produce liberty bells but they dont do anything?
    - The settlers costing 15k to force immegration is just stupid? Why would I do that when I can get any specialist for 4k max.
    - Where are the fountains of youth.

    From what I can see these brilliant things are just missing from the game.
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