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    faux_carnation wrote:
    FooAtari wrote:
    Aretak wrote:
    There's little difference between it and Windows really.

    10 fundamental differences between Linux and Windows

    Just came across the above article and thought I would post it.

    He says at the beginning
    This is not, in the least, to say one is better than the other. Itís just to say that they are fundamentally different.
    And then spends the rest of the article saying
    LINUX SHITS ON WINDOWS!11!!!!!!!11one


    Anyway , looking at his list of what makes linux so good reminds me of why I could never be arsed with it when I was dual booting. All the benefits are only perceivable by geeks.

    Yup idiot is a good description of that mong.
    Point 3 is a right laugh
    Point 5 is a bit of a joke.
    Point 6 is a farce to be honest.

    Christ he even professes to wear his Linux fanboy badge proudly.

    Some of the rest is fairly reasonable though.
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