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    Gremmi wrote:
    One thing that isn't too clear is whether the games come with manuals. Bit of a breaker for some of them. As great as they may be, they're very much from the era where interfaces weren't exactly...simple.

    Still, not much of a problem. I'm sure there are manual scans for them on replacementdocs or similar.
    I think most install a PDF and put a shortcut to it in your start menu. All have "extras" that you can see on your game list ("my account" page) if you own them - this generally seems to include the manual along with occasional bits of random crap like wallpapers.

    Obviously don't have their entire catalogue installed, so I don't know if this always holds up, but it's always seemed to for me, so far. Only time I'd maybe be a bit more cautious is with multi-game packs they have for things like Might and Magic.
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