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    quadfather wrote:
    ...setting the res to 800 600 makes it the best of the res/mouse-movement ratio.
    I run it at 800x600 simply because it becomes unresponsive as soon as I set it to anything higher. It displays at the new res and the mouse pointer moves but it stops responding to inputs.

    Back to the GoG release of SS2

    Because NewDark 2.4 is already installed it's already set up to accept mods. There's a mod folder called 'DataPermanentMods' that you just extract your mod zips to. The game will use these files in preference to those in the default resource repositories.

    However, it's recommended to run the latest SS2Tool and repatch it completely as it's a later version and contains more fixes. This does change the mod folder to 'DataPermMods', but also gives you a 'DataTempMods' which lets you try out mods before committing them to the Perm folder.
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