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    There's an option to turn on Bloom in the cam_ext.cfg file.

    At first I didn't want some silly full screen Vaseline effect and ignored it. But then I read the notes in the cfg file and whoever added the effect made it both tweak-able and with aesthetically acceptable default settings.

    You can change the bloom radius and strength, which is a good start, but you can also change the tolerance. That way you can either go for full on Vaseline or have a glow around just the very brightest objects.

    There's also a FOV setting which defaults to 90. If you're playing in a widescreen resolution, then don't worry too much about changing it. The FOV setting is for 4:3 displays, the game automatically widens the FOV for wider aspect ratios.

    You can also add custom resolutions, perfect for Eyefinity displays.

    There's also head and weapon bob values, if the defaults make you queasy.
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