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    el bandito wrote:
    PodlingJuice wrote:
    My yellow cymbal is too sensitive. It picks up hits from the red and green pads. :(

    Now I have to wait for the USB MIDI tuning thingy. GODDAMMIT! I just want to play the drums....

    New guitar is all kinds of awesome though.

    I've got the opposite problem, I have to really whack the cymbals for them to register, ordered the usb midi thingy too :p

    Hopefully they'll be able to add a tuning program to the game

    I ended up taking it apart in the end. I couldn't face it looking longingly at me from the corner of the room.

    I tried loads of stuff including resoldering the piezo connections inside the cymbal. I'm an electronic engineer so I'm used to this kind of stuff. :p

    I managed to make it less sensitive in the end by detaching the piezo from the cymbal (it's stuck on by a foam pad) and then replacing it so that it wasn't held so tightly.

    Works like a charm! Now it'll just be fine tuning when the cable comes. Yay for me!

    For your problem I'd suggest doing this:

    All you need is a screwdriver and some masking tape and you'll be well away.
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