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    PatrickEwing wrote:
    cianchristopher wrote:
    How do you find playing drums on Rock Band with the World Tour drum kit?

    GH drums on the RB game is a bit shit I say, the pads don't correspond in order so there's one great big pad (green i think) sat there doing nothing. I've not used RB drums to compare but I would advise not to use the GH drums for RB.
    Also Generally whenever I use them, the drums gradually inch further away from me during the song.

    Sorry... but that's wrong.

    The orange cymbal is the one not used, the rest are in the same order and colour: red, yellow, blue, green.

    The only thing that's a bit weird is that yellow isn't always a high hat/cymbal (although normally is) and green is often a cymbal not a drum, but it works fine. Shame they didn't just use the orange cymbal to register green hits as well.

    Finally, I've never had the drums wander... the bass pedal is a different matter though. Still haven't got round to securing it to the frame with some leet DIY skills... but I will, especially as I'm up to expert on some of the easier songs
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