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    Necrocious wrote:
    alright from dinopc-

    SLI Gaming PC - Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, 4GB RAM, 750GB HD, 8800GT

    any good??

    "Make sure a 700W+ PSU is selcted for SLI configurations"

    so would I need it since the default spec does not have this one.

    Sorry, cross-posting. You're a step ahead. :)

    Yes, that's a great gaming PC. The 8800GT is getting on a bit now, but it's still more than adequate for most games. Just don't expect to be able to play Crysis at max settings, that's all. You'll max out Oblivion and WoW though, I think.

    SLI you only need to worry about if you're adding a second graphics card.

    That PC will be SLI ready (as in: the motherboard supports it) but if you want to put a second 8800GT graphics card in there, you'll need to upgrade the power supply.

    If you just want to buy that PC and run it as is, its fine.

    If you only ever want to upgrade it by replacing the graphics card entirely, then it's (most probably) fine.

    If you want to upgrade by adding a second graphics card, then it's worth getting a more powerful power supply.
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