#1537603, By Xensor Bloody annoying adverts - the sequel (again, oh no!)

  • Xensor 21 Jul 2006 13:20:22 1,053 posts
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    I have a new ultimate hated advert. Every time i see it it makes my blood boil and makes me LOATHE corporate America.

    Unsurprisingly its a car advert, sepcifically the new Dodge one where they are hawking a standard over-sized under-developed gas-guzzling SUV piece of US shit. In a effort to be "funny" and "macho" they have a panel of little cute fluffy creatures all reviewing the car saying how bad it is then behind some glass you see two middle-aged white corporate drones droolingly happy and spudding up like brothers from the hood.

    I think the phrase is FUCK OFF YOU BUNCH OF GORMLESS COCK-JUGGLING WANKERS!! I'd rather murder my entire family than buy some ridiculous piece of shit they have the temerity to call a car! You bunch of fetid cunts! What the fuck do you take us for? A bunch of stupid, lazy knuckle-dragging neanderthals like the local yokels from Arkansas who buy your stupid hunks of pollution spewing metal? He's an idea Mr Dodge Saleman, give one to you children so when the dodgy tyres blow and they slam into a wall, the shoddy fuel-tank will rupture and explode and they'll all die a horrible death! No less than they deserve.

    In conclusion, FUCK. RIGHT. OFF.
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