#4977869, By Shinji Learning Japanese I think I'm learning Japanese I really think so

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    If you're actually *fluent* in both languages (which, unless you're brought up bilingual, is generally considered to take around 14 years...), then yes, there's tons of work to be had - companies will fall over themselves to take you on.

    If you're really good at Japanese - not necessarily fluent, but good enough to understand anything thrown at you - and fluent in English (and capable of writing it really, really well), then there's practically a limitless amount of freelance and full-time translation work to be done, ranging from interesting stuff like translating manga, videogames and so on, which doesn't pay very well (30k to 40k would be normal), through less interesting stuff like translating legal contracts and legislative documents, which pays astonishingly well (up to 120k a year if you're willing to work basically full-time on contracts). I have several friends who earn 60k or thereabouts by translating Japanese business documents - they work a week or two a month, on their own time, and chill out for the other half of the month. Not a bad lifestyle.
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