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    It's been a while eh? I've found my motivation to study has really taken a nose dive lately and thought it might be a good time to catch up with everybody and find out how you are all doing. I used to be so motivated but lately, urg. I think consistently getting < 5 hours sleep is probably the cause of it.

    Anyhow - how are you guys all getting on? would be great to get a 'years studied vs stuff achieved' from all of you to find out where you are.

    Hopefully you're doing a bit better than I, after a year or so of making great progress the apathy kicked in - so it's been about 4 years now and while I can read and listen to quite a lot and understand enough of it, when I try to tread out of familiar territory (aka not playing JRPGs) I feel like a complete newbie again, picked up a few adult newspapers to have a go at and bloody hell - it still looks as alien to me now as it did 4 years ago. The most frustrating thing for me is, knowing everything - as in I recognise all the kanji, all the vocab - yet have no idea what it's saying. It's like "I should know this" yet my brain just isn't wired up correctly to process it.
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