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  • Deleted user 3 August 2012 05:49:11
    senso-ji wrote:
    Hi guys

    Great thread, lots of useful stuff in here, so I guess I'll ask my question here:

    I'm practicing particles and want to see if the following phrases make sense:



    (Apologies for using Kana only, as some people might not recognise the Kanji that gets auto generated when typing)

    Am I using the particles correctly? Especially the first sentence’s を ?

    The second sentence is a bit of fun but I'm guessing I got it wrong completely.
    Hi~ :D
    I'm no expert in Japanese but I've attended a school where I learned up to a certain level of Japanese.

    First, I think there should be more practice in writing Hiragana :)
    In romaji, what is written is; "watashi wa nihin de suhi wo tabemashita."
    I think you were supposed to say "nihon" (にほん;) and "すし" instead of 'nihin' and 'suhi'? In English, I think your sentence is "I ate sushi in Japan", yes? But don't worry, your use of the particles で and を is correct. :D

    Same goes with the second sentence on the hiragana. にげった in romaji is 'nigetta'. From the verb "にげます" (nigemasu, "to escape/run away"), the conjugation should just be "にげた", without the small っ. :)
    "I ran away from Godzilla", yes? XD
    The "から" particle is initially used for places. As you learn more particles and sentence patterns later on, you'll learn a more appropriate particle to attach to Godzilla instead of 'kara'. But using 'kara' for now can be acceptable.
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