#3548314, By Hughes. PSP Disappearing from Store Shelves

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    /has CFW PSP

    /has over 50 boxed PSP games

    Tesco have limited PSP stock, but they cut back years ago when Nintendo started blitzkrieging the TV with ads and bracket-sponsoring C4/E4 comedy shows. My local Asda, Woolworths and especially HMV have plenty, and my local Game have brought it back from the back of the shop since the Slim launched, they have more used than new stock though, but Game are overpriced shitbags, so no surprise there.

    Almost every ad for a PSP game is multi-format shit with a picture of a PSP box lurking behind all the others. I think I may have a seen a Crisis Core ad, once, somewhere recently, or maybe I was drunk and it was on my laptop while the telly was on. They have a platform exclusive prequel to the most famous JRPG ever, and their fanfare is like a dessicated budgie fart. God of War Chains of Olympus is the best looking handheld game of all time, and a brilliant and worthy addition to the PS2 versions. I think I saw a couple of adverts for it.

    DS ad-spend = mountain
    PSP ad-spend = worm cast.

    A lot of multi-format sites are to blame too though, especially this place. Their fucking abysmal efforts to pretend to even give a shit about it, while professing their undying love for the DS are bloody shocking. Gamespot, GamesRadar and 1up also delighted in shitting on the PSP at every opportunity, for quite some time. Most of them spent the post launch enthusiasm comedown acting like they wish it'd fuck off so they had less work to do. Since it had a resurgance in the public consciousness their items on it are couched with phrases like the "unjustly maligned", "undeservedly ignored", "unfairly criticised", like it was someone else who was doing it.

    Sony are heavily to blame though. If Sony wants to learn anything from Nintendo this gen, they should look at how much Nintendo are prepared to invest in high profile advertising, the PSP has an astonishing library of games, and I would forgive anyone who isn't a dedicated gamer for not knowing about a single one of them.
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