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    nickthegun wrote:
    Killerbee wrote:
    Plus even the multi-format titles like Lego Indy and Wall-E seem to be mostly being carried by the Wii and DS.

    Its the ideal home for them and im not even being sarcastic.

    I agree. Thing is, from Sony's point of view, these games used to sell best on the PS2, but the kids (and parents) who bought them for the PS2 appear to have graduated very strongly onto the Wii, which kind of leaves the PS3 out in the cold for the family market.

    I suspect Sony hoped that the PS2 would carry on serving this segment of the market in the same way the PS1 did, but I get the impression the Wii has put up much more competition versus the PS2 than the Xbox / Cube ever did for the PS1.

    Zero PS2 titles in the charts at a time when Lego Indy and Wall-E are topping the charts? If I was Sony, that'd ring some alarm bells and suggest that it's time to pursue this market a bit more agressively with the PS3...
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