#6411904, By SlightlyMagic Noisy PS3 - As loud as my 360

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    Neither Uncharted 1 or 2 have locked saves. You can just get a USB pen or hard disk, plug it into the PS3, then press triangle and copy over the save game files to copy them over to that. Then just plug it into the new PS3, go into the USB device in game saves and copy them from there.

    If you don't trade it but sell it separately instead, it would be better to connect both together with a network cable and use the Data Transfer Utility under system settings before you sell the old one. That will copy everything across to the new PS3 including locked saves. Don't forget to de-authorise the old PS3 from PSN as well before you sell/trade it.

    Edit - too slow - that will teach me to go downstairs and check I could copy Uncharted's saves before posting :p
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